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About US

Kola Invest Sh.P.K was legally established and registered on July 3rd 2009 in Fier,Albania having as shareholders Mr. Jani Kola with 50% of the shares and Mr. Sofokli Kola with 50% of shares. The business activity of the company covers public and civil real estate constructions, infrastructural works, and a wide range of other activities like industrial construction, hydro technical, roads, railways, etc.

The two shareholders have a long experience in the construction sector, and the company was created because of the market demand for this specific kind of business.

Object of activity and respective licenses:

The company operates based on its legal structure and bylaws, and has the following main objects of activity:

Civil, industrial, social, and cultural real estate construction,

  • Construction of engineering nets for fresh water supply and sewage,
  • Construction of hydro technical projects for drainage and irrigation dams,
  • Construction of roads, bridges and railroads,
  • Production and trade of construction materials.
  • Import & export of raw material, machinery and any other activity deemed necessary to perform the business activity.

In line with the above mentioned activities the company has been granted with the respective professional licenses from the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure of Albania.