Technical Staff
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Technical Staff


Technical Staff of the company

The company operates mainly with a fixed number of permanent technical employees and has also temporary employees based on the workforce needed in different projects. Currently the number of permanent employees is 12 persons comprised of the following expertise:

  • 1 Construction Engineer
  • 1 Architect
  • 1 Hydro technical Engineer
  • 1 Electrical Engineer
  • 1 Mechanical Engineer
  • 1 Geology Engineer
  • 1 Geodesic Engineer
  • 1 Lawyer
  • 2 Economists
  • 2 Construction Technicians

The legal representatives of the company are the shareholders, Mr. Jani Kola and Mr. Sofokli Kola operating as joint signatures.

Other employees and workforce

The average qualified workforce is around 60 employees, and is based on the current projects in hand. Based on the project specifications and in cases of low mechanical scale of the workings, the company also hires workforce near the project region. The structure of the employees of the company is as follows:

  • Company staff and management        12 employees
  • Production staff                                       6 employees
  • Drivers and ICT maneuvering               7  employees
  • Construction specialist                         34 employees
  • Other workforce                                   150 employees